June 07, 2018


The story of the Ghanaian teacher who teaches his students computer technology without computers has gone viral.

 His story is all too familiar in Kisseman Village, where students are expected to pass their Information and Communications Technology Exam (ICT) as part of their admissions to Senior High School, some of them without ever using a computer.

At The Kisseman Children's Foundation we are doing our part to make sure our children have access to computers in order to experience technology first hand. 
The Kisseman Children's Foundation is proud to partner with EVCO Africa to bring 5 computers to our office in Kisseman Village!


Our computers which will be arriving this month, will be equipped with RACHEL (Remote Area Computer Hotspots for Education and Learning), a server providing an internet-like experience. 

RACHEL provides access to nearly any academic resource available on the web. With educational content equivalent to 50,000 books, it includes tutorials for math and science, Khan Academy videos, MIT courses, and more. RACHEL’s capacity turns these remote, rural labs into research centers for students and adults in the surrounding communities.

(Content from http://evcoafrica.org/rachel-internet-for-places-without-the-internet/)



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