One Village. One Mission.

To make EDUCATION a reality for all children.

Who We Are



Core Beliefs


Focus on community

KCF works solely in Kisseman Village, Ghana, focusing our attention on the children of Kisseman Village as our primary beneficiaries. We feel that by focusing on one community we can have the greatest impact. This scale will enable us to achieve long-term sustainability and engagement based on community need.


A positive environment

Our children are welcomed into a nurturing community of caring individuals. We strive to create a safe place for our children to learn, play, and grow!



Enhance and supplement education initiatives and school

We aim to provide a flexible program that will complement local education initiatives and school systems. We are committed to enrolling children into local schools, and supplementing the school curriculums by offering an extension to traditional education programs, not a replacement.


Long- Term Vision

The Kisseman Children's Center

The Kisseman Children’s Foundation’s long- term goal is to provide children and families of Kisseman Village with access to a child-friendly community center. The community center will enable a community in need to attain educational opportunities. The center will focus on the following areas: Academics, Self Sufficiency, Health and Life Skills, Creative Learning, Cultural Preservation, and Financial Planning.