Lessons and Homework Help

The Kisseman Children’s Foundation provides children in Kisseman Village with after-school lessons and homework help. KCF is committed to providing structured educational opportunities. Led by volunteers and local residents, KCF has implemented programs to complement and build upon local school curriculums. We create a safe place for children to get the extra help they need with their school work, or receive lessons if they are not currently enrolled in school.


What we're all about

a safe, nurturing environment

At The Kisseman Children's Foundation all children are welcome. When school ends, the kids come running. Those who are not yet enrolled in school often spend the day in our KCF office, learning along side our volunteers. Our office, and classrooms are located within Kisseman Village making it easy for children of all ages to join us.


building confidence

The Kisseman Children's Foundation believes in empowerment. Our children develop a strong sense of confidence as we encourage and compliment. We demonstrate independence, and hold our children to high standards. We believe in our children, and we teach them to do the same!


making time to play

At The Kisseman Children's Foundation we believe learning should be fun, and kids should be kids. That is why we always make time to play!


the extra push to succeed

The Kisseman Children's Foundation offers our children a unique opportunity to participate in after school lessons and homework help led by our volunteers, who come from universities across The United States. Building positive relationships is important to us, that is why our volunteers pour their hearts into everything they do at KCF!